Monday, August 8, 2016

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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Test-driven trombone lesson

Session Notes for "Create (or Steal) & Play Agile Manifesto Games"


Thanks for a great conference! Below are the session notes for "Create (or Steal) & Play Agile Manifesto Games."

Images also are attached.



Session Title: Create (or Steal) & Play Agile Manifesto Games

1. Get experience creating games and debriefing them
2. Create actual games with the Agile Manifesto's 12 Principles 
3. Make it easier to bring these and other games into the workplace effectively

Steps Completed:
* Brainstormed ideas for games on index cards
* Dot-voted top 3 games to test now
* Tested and debriefed the first 2 games, each with a debrief session afterward 
* Brainstormed ideas for making it easier to bring these games back to our organizations - overcoming impediments, etc. (One of the ideas was to have a group email check-in at 2 and 4 weeks - to report our successes and support each other in bringing this into the world.)
* Tested and debriefed a 3rd game. (We waited to do this after the previous step to make sure we wouldn't run out of time for the more unique steps above.)

Games (top 3 were play-tested and debriefed):
1. "Walking Spectrum" - Rate how your current work team is doing on a specific one of the principles by walking to a spot in the room, where one end of the room means your team is doing the best possible, the other end means your team is doing the worst possible, and the middle means so-so. (We tested this for 2 principles, as examples.)
2. "Pictionary" -  Person #1 draws a representation of a principle, and Person #1 guesses from the list of principles which one it is.
3. "Agile Clock" – A large clock is drawn with the hour numbers 1-12 representing the 12 principles. Each person can put a word or drawing on a post-it and attach it next to the corresponding number on the clock.
4. "Concentration" – Classic memory matching game (but using the 12 principles on cards)
5. "Compare 2 Cards" – in pairs, discuss which of 2 principles is more important
6. "Agile / Not Agile" – 1 round per value or principle
7. "Sorting 4 Decks of Cards" – deep dive example of one of the principles
8. "Values and Principles on a US Map" – Create a set of cards representing each of the 12 principles and 4 values. Place the cards on a map of the US and provide a rationale for why you thought the card belongs where you put it. (Variations – use seasonal pictures or other visual metaphors)
9. "Management Specific Games" 
10. "Charades"
11. "Teach in Pairs" – in pairs, teach each other a principle from a card without looking at the card
12. "Simplicity" – deep dive game into the Simplicity principle: MVP drawing and binocular hand exercise